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Die Entwicklerin

ARTLIFT - active ingredient cosmetics out of deep conviction.

We understand active ingredient cosmetics as the highest level of active ingredients and a consistent avoidance of inefficient substances for the skin organ, such as fillers or suggestive substances and toxic substances.

ARTLIFT "The new Art of Lifting"

My name is Inna Artemenko and with my ARTLIFT brand I present a gentle alternative to botox in a cosmetic way. The selection of the highest quality active ingredients in the world paired with the right technology become modern high-tech cosmetics. We rely on our star peptide Argireline.

With my active ingredient cosmetics premium skin care line, I want to revolutionize the anti-aging world and make my customers happy with visible results. Our technology enables the active ingredients to be encapsulated so that they can penetrate deep into the skin, where they unfold. High concentration, our active ingredient complex and our technology help to limit the aging process.

I stand for this quality with my name.

ARTLIFT is more than just cosmetics. The coordinated product line helps to limit the natural aging process of the skin. Our high-tech cosmetics work with a perfect dosage of the active ingredients it contains. With a high concentration, the compilation of which is based on confirmed long-term studies, ARTLIFT provides the skin with everything it needs. The optimal coordination of the individual active ingredients plays a major role here.

ARTLIFT also makes you feel good when you apply it. The new freshness of the skin makes the eyes shine and is good for the soul.

High-tech cosmetics - what is it?

ARTLIFT is a product from the field of high-tech cosmetics, concentrated on the edge of medicine. This special cosmetic is based on the idea of ​​using highly effective ingredients to counteract the cause and not just combat the effects. Extensive research is carried out to determine what the skin needs in order to be held back in its natural aging process. ARTLIFT is not just about the external effect. Natural beauty also comes from within. Only those who love each other inside and outside radiate this.

The skin is driven by various influences in its aging process. The first wrinkles appear quickly and the youthful beauty gradually disappears. With the help of ARTLIFT, the skin gets exactly the support it needs. Thanks to the optimal dosage of highly effective active ingredients, it is supported with peptides and vitamins as antioxidants and maintains its youthful freshness. Our premium product series is perfectly coordinated and can therefore be combined perfectly. All active ingredients contained are named. The use of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid is ideal. While the high molecular hyaluronic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect and supplies the skin with moisture, the low molecular hyaluronic acid is suitable for protecting the skin against wrinkles over the long term. In addition, ARTLIFT is free from harmful additives.

Animal testing is completely avoided in research and production. In this way, high-tech cosmetics manage to counteract the natural aging process on a high-quality basis.

Sustainable reduction of wrinkles with a long-term effect

With regular use of ARTLIFT, there is a lasting reduction in wrinkles. Our cosmetics have a long-term effect. It supplies the skin with rich ingredients. The active ingredients contained have been tested for their positive effect in long-term studies. In addition, ARTLIFT feels pleasant on the skin. The wearing comfort is particularly high. The soft feeling of well-cared for skin underlines self-love and personal well-being.

ARTLIFT is Made in Germany. Our products are all manufactured in Germany according to applicable regulations. Here we work in first-class equipped laboratories and develop state-of-the-art high-tech cosmetics. The result is an anti-aging premium product that our customers feel comfortable with.

ARTLIFT - Clean Beauty

ARTLIFT is vegan, cruelty-free active ingredient cosmetics that, like natural cosmetics, dispense with silicones, parabens, fragrances and mineral oils, but also all ingredients that do not bring any benefit to your skin and / or have irritation potential. This often includes ingredients of vegetable origin such as essential oils and alcohol.