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Telomeric Protection Kit

Telomeric Protection Kit

ARTLIFT Cosmetics
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Telomere Protection Kit - Extends the life of the cells

Your perfect skin care system for revolutionary anti-aging goals - extends the life of your cells!

The Telomeres Protection Skin Care Set is specially designed for dry, tired and regenerative skin - for the day and the relaxing night. The set consists of:

Thorough cleaning is the prerequisite for the absorption of active ingredients - Deep Cleansing Foam, our bestselling power serum "Lifting Booster Serum" - with our star peptide Argireline, the right day and night care 24/7 - Telomeres Protection Cream. Our Eye Lift eye roller complements the skin care set perfectly. This eye roller is specially designed for the eye area - tightens, helps with puffy and tired eyes, plumps up fine lines.

Our active ingredient complex - anti aging

Anti-aging, instant lifting effect, wrinkle reduction, new formation of hyaluronic acid, skin barrier protection, cell protection, auto-repair effect, skin metabolism regulation, moisture storage, skin tightening, reduction of uneven pigmentation, free radical catcher, pH value stabilization, new collagen formation


The Telomeres Protection Skin Care Set consists of skin cleansing - Deep Cleansing Foam, the Lifting Booster Serum, which is applied daily before the Telomeres Protection Day & Night Cream. The eye roller can be used in the morning and evening and in between.